Keep It Cool! A Pocket Guide to Climate Action

We face an existential climate crisis. How can one person make a difference?

Each of us makes choices every day that affect the greenhouse gases we contribute to the atmosphere. While none of us can solve the problem ourselves, our individual actions are meaningful.

But we're much more powerful when we're working together.

Keep It Cool! A Pocket Guide to Climate Action shows you how you can have the biggest impact in nearly every part of your life. Organized by topic, the book gives you easy access to information about the things you can do—and why they make a difference—so you can decide where to focus your efforts. Beyond individual action, you'll learn how you can work with others to influence schools, workplaces, government, industry, and other institutions in your community.

The climate crisis requires all hands on deck. Whether it's how you get around, the food you eat, the stuff you buy, or how you raise your kids, you can play a meaningful role in curbing climate change.

You can order a copy of the book—or view all the content on the Actions pages of this site for free!